Is Composting Indoors a Good Idea?

Can you compost indoors?  If you’re using a worm system, of course the answer is yes.  Otherwise, the answer is NO.  Let me explain the 5 reasons why it’s not a good idea:

1) Mice
2) Ants, flies and other critters
3) Odor
4) Leachate management
5) Finished compost

The question remains: what can I do to compost through the winter months?  The answer is to collect as much cover material (leaves, straw) as you can.  Since composting slows to a crawl in the colder months, having extra cover material is important to ensure your deposits are covered.

Otherwise, try your hand at vermicomposting!

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Give composting your best shot through the winter season- have some fun and get creative!

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