“Tyler got his start in the waste reduction field at the mere age of six, when he climbed into his first dumpster. Inside he found books, furniture, and lots of delicious food. It was a life-changing revelation.

Why were people throwing away this perfectly good stuff? This started him thinking about the perceptions of what is considered waste. His curiosity of waste led him into the healthcare industry, which has some of the most intricate and complicated waste streams on earth.

Teaching and motivating others to perceive waste differently and think outside the box is where he truly excels. His passionate interest in recycling and infectious waste has led him to successfully divert thousands of tons of material from becoming waste, and he is quickly becoming a recognized name for advice on waste reduction.”

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“Tyler is consumed with how we as a society dispose of our trash, and is always on the lookout for ways to be more efficient, more mindful and less wasteful. He’s a true believer, and something of a sustainability superhero.” – Brian Howard, Philadelphia Magazine

“Tyler’s session on sustainability and waste management programs was humorous, engaging and energizing. His personal stories of dumpster diving and recycling of fast food containers were brought to life through his unique presentation style. Tyler’s excitement about his subject matter and passion for the environment makes for a rich and rewarding experience.” – Patti Smith, Pennsylvania State Nurses Association

“Thank you again for coming to speak at Ursinus College.  It was a great and insightful talk.  It is evident that you love what you do, and your enthusiasm was definitely passed onto the students.” – Beta Beta Beta officers, Ursinus College

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  1. Thanks for your article about composting paper cups.
    I would really like to see a list of coffee places and whether their cups are compostible…
    Starbucks? Tim Hortons? McDonalds?
    Thanks for your research,

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