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Waste of the Week #24: Grand Canyon Mule Feeding

The single stream cut-out is good, but then the other two are rectangles.

The compost category is interesting- only fruits and veggies… no hamburgers or ice cream.  What’s that all about?

Maybe they have a vermicomposting system on site and they’re keeping it simple for the worms?

Nope- the food scraps are fed to the mules that work in the Grand Canyon Lodges!  The sharp-looking Xanterra website has all the details.

Known as Operation Shrivelly Apples, the program keeps food scraps out of the landfill, feeds the mules that make the daily trip down to the bottom and back, and creates manure which is processed into compost.

Yep- pretty awesome.

I do wonder how much sifting they end up doing, because while I hung around there, I saw stuff getting thrown every which way.

In my experience though, this is kind of how it goes with public collection stations… it takes time for people to interpret the goals of the collection program, let alone know what goes where, and lastly, decide to comply with the request.

More people have heard about composting in the last few years as more cities begin organics collection programs, which is great, but hearing about it and doing it are two different things.

Don’t wait for your city to offer composting collection- start it up yourself.

Putting stuff in the blue bin can’t be where the overall effort stops anymore.

Onward we push…