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Waste of the Week #18: Cork Recycling

Cork recycling!  So it looks like you can give your corks to Terracycle and they’ll turn them into cork boards to sell.

You could hold onto yours (natural, synthetic, whatever) until you have enough to make a cork board, which surprisingly doesn’t take that many to do if you glue them all in the long way.

The survival nuts burn cork to make face camoflauge (I haven’t tried it), so I guess there’s always that option too…can’t say I don’t have a bag of them in the basement ready for whatever. 🙂

It’s weird… the more I learn about recycling, the less I tend to trust it.  Hopefully the corks get to where they need to go, and chances are good they do…but I can’t help but look sideways at grocery stores collecting plastic bags, wondering if they actually get recycled.  Cork recycling definitely seems more straight forward than hinging a material’s recycling chances based on market value.

Anyway, I guess all I’m saying is that when it comes to recycling, if you can do something yourself, do it yourself.