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Waste of the Week #22: Vancouver Recycling Station

vancouver recycling stationfood scraps signage

I’ve never seen cans quite like these… pretty funny!

Based on their disposal at the time, they seemed pretty effective.

I love the food scraps can… it made me realize that labeling a compost receptacle in a public place as “food scraps” must be the best way.

When you see the word “Organics” or “Compost”, that means you have to know what that means in order to do as requested.

Isn’t compost poop?  Organic food?  I don’t have time for this; I’m just throwing everything in this can.

With “food scraps”, you simply know what that means.  Further, with so many disposable plastic-lined paper products ruining compost everywhere, this might help keep them out of the stream.

The trash can having a lid vs the other two sporting openings seems like a cool way to discourage trash, until someone has actual trash in their hand and they’re too grossed out to touch the lid.

All in all, this setup is awesome and it really nails it in terms of simplicity, color coding, differing cutouts, proper labeling and huge pictures.

What do you think?

Waste of the Week 12: Berlin Train Station

I love designs that are crisp and clean, but not so much for waste segregation purposes, unless you’re the Big Belly Trash Compactor.

Feeling like an idiot not knowing a word of German, this receptacle wasn’t so intuitive for me to use, although I think everyone is in the same bind seeing the text all crammed together like that.

This can solidifies my thought that i like seeing graphics paired with the text to make the process even quicker and easier.

As I waited for the train, I watched others throw their waste away in what looked like a careless fashion.  I’m wondering if it’s viewed as redundant because they utilize single stream recycling…then you’d have 3 options for the same piece of recyclable material.  Or maybe it all goes to the landfill (I highly doubt it).